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Learn a little more about one of America's Favorite Professional Bass Anglers

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It is with no Surprise that Sprague is fishing one of the most prestigious Circuits in Bass Fishing for his 2020 Season; The Bass Pro Tour.
Like most Pros he started at the back of the boat, learned the ropes and worked his way up to the front. He spent 5 hard earned years on the FLW Tour, qualifying for the reputable Forrest Wood Cup every year. A feat that most Anglers can not say they have or will ever accomplish. Sprague hammered out 15 Career Top 10's earning him well over $380,000 in the short time he has been on the scene.
When he received the invitational call from Major League Fishing it was with no hesitation that it would be the right Career move for Jeff. Not only would it provide him with a Voice, but the level of exposure for the companies that he works with was second to none.
When Sprague is not competing in tournaments, or on the water he enjoys hunting, spending time with his son Waylon and the Classic 80's hairband Rock out session in the shower.

Advertising / PR / Media

Agent: Elyse Noelle

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